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Dust Mites

Dusting is an integral part of cleaning that should be incorporated into a weekly cleaning routine due to the invasion of dust mites. These microscopic pest can directly affect your health triggering allergies, atopic dermatitis, bronchitis or asthmatic attacks, sore throats and other forms of mild to severe ailments.

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are tiny bugs that live off of dead skin cells and can only be visible under a microscope; dust is an accumulation of dust mite carcasses and dead skin cells. The average person sheds over 1 gram of dead skin cells daily which can feed millions of dust mites. These dust mites are found in carpets, bedding, blinds, stuffed animals and furniture throughout the home and office.

How to rid dust mites?

Its difficult to totally get rid of dust mites however there are ways that you can minimize dust mite pest. 

  • Dust blinds and window seals

  • Use a wet rag to wipe hard surfaces to prevent dust from resettling after dusting

  • Change sheets and pillow cases

  • Wash all linen in hot water or dry  linen in high heated dryer

  • Try to avoid accumulation of stuff animals and knick knacks.

  • Vacuum daily

  • Consider purchasing a HEPA air purifier to limit dust emission

Why Hire a Pro?

Our Latest Blog Entry

July 10, 2022

With life hassles and spreading yourself thin with daily obligations the last thing one wants to have on their added to do list is cleaning. Whether its your home or business you want a space that you can relax after a long day at work or just have a work space that you can create freely without weird smells. There are several reasons why having a pro cleaner can be effective. 

  • It allows maximizing your time with other things on your to do list
  • It brings better clarity when brainstorming new ideas 
  • It minimizes the spread of viruses 
Everyone wants a cleaner living space and work space but few are willing to pick up the bucket. Make your life easier and hire a pro cleaner. 
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