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Why dust?

Many times dusting is left out of weekly  cleanings.  It is simple step but often looked over and it gives the least amount of effort . Nevertheless dusting is equally as important to routine as any house or office cleaning or office cleaning. If dusting is not minimized it can allergic reactions trigger disease and cause unhealthy conditions to spread. 

Dust is literally microscopic bugs that feed on human dead skin cells. The dust is a combination of dust mites waste and human skin cells.

Dust mites are heavily present on mattress bedding but they are on hard surfaces fans Knick knacks .  They are present on mattresses and bedding. 

Why Hire a Pro?

Our Latest Blog Entry

July 10, 2022

With life hassles and spreading yourself thin with daily obligations the last thing one wants to have on their added to do list is cleaning. Whether its your home or business you want a space that you can relax after a long day at work or just have a work space that you can create freely without weird smells. There are several reasons why having a pro cleaner can be effective. 

  • It allows maximizing your time with other things on your to do list
  • It brings better clarity when brainstorming new ideas 
  • It minimizes the spread of viruses 
Everyone wants a cleaner living space and work space but few are willing to pick up the bucket. Make your life easier and hire a pro cleaner. 
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